Package overview

Submitted by tkalman on Wed, 27/02/2008 - 18:23.

Package overview in Instant-Grid

This overview picture shows the relationship between the following Instant-Grid packages:

instant-grid-coccinella (v1.1)
instant-grid-dgrid (v0.6)
instant-grid-eramas (v0.4)
instant-grid-eramas-portlet (v1.12)
instant-grid-exist (v1.1rcnewcore)
instant-grid-ganglia (v0.5)
instant-grid-ganglia-webfrontend (v0.5)
instant-grid-globus4 (v4.0.3)
instant-grid-globus4-config (v4.0.3)
instant-grid-gobby (v0.5.1-1)
instant-grid-grdb (v1)
instant-grid-gridlabs (v2.6)
instant-grid-gridsearch (v0.59)
instant-grid-gridsphere (v2.2.5)
instant-grid-gwes (v1.0.9c)
instant-grid-jabber (v0.5)
instant-grid-linuxtoolbox (v0.7)
instant-grid-mpich-g2 (v1.2.7p1-gt4.0.3)
instant-grid-noppenlinux (v0.6)
instant-grid-postgresql (v8.0)
instant-grid-povray (v1.0)
instant-grid-resmatch (v0.0.6)
instant-grid-resourceupdater (v2.0.0)
instant-grid-tomcat5 (v5.0.28)
instant-grid-util (v0.6)

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Instant-Grid package overview

The legend of this directed package graph:
An ellipse stands for an original component (part of the operating system or standalone component).
The squares show Instant-Grid packages.
An edge shows the dependency between two component.