Instant-Grid version 1.0

Submitted by grid on Tue, 05/06/2007 - 16:24.

Instant-Grid version 1.0 is based on Knoppix 5.0.0 (Linux live CD) and Globus Toolkit 4.0.3 (grid middleware). The first thing to notice is probably the new user interface. But we have also significantly improved the functionality in the area of grid workflows and Instant-Grid connectivity.

What's new

  • Grid workflow manager GWES with graphical user interface.
  • Demo version of ERAMAS, a grid application for calculating the spread of environmental toxics.
  • Rendering with POV-Ray as grid workflow application.
  • New collaborative tool Coccinella.
  • Possibility to use external grid resources (D-Grid) - for this feature there are special requirements.
  • New graphical design.

Bug fixes

  • The classloader problems between GWES and Gridsphere are solved. No more Tomcat restarts.

Known problems

  • The free Flash player produces some display errors with our movies. If you want to use the Adobe Flash player, follow these instructions, please (you need an Internet connection):
    • Open a terminal and enter:
      sudo rm /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/
    • Restart Firefox.
    • Click on a Flash movie and follow the instructions for installing the plugin.
  • If possible, we recommend to use eth0 (i.e., the first network interface) for the Internet connection. Other configurations work as well, but there may be some smaller problems, for example long waiting times during boot and connection errors in Coccinella.
  • Not all man pages are available.