Instant-Grid version 0.5

Submitted by Andreas Felix on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 14:09.

Instant-Grid v0.5 is based on Knoppix 5.0.0 (as live Linux environment) and Globus Toolkit 4.0.2 (as grid middleware). New is the integration of the collaborative text-editor Gobby, which uses different text-colors to mark the text, which is edited by the different collaborative users. A new portlet inside Gridsphere enables a new view to the information of the Instant-Grid which are gathered by ganglia. Furthermore it is now possible to boot the clients without the PXE mechanism by using another CD.

New in this version

  • Collaborative editor Gobby
  • Daemon, XML-Database and portlet with information about Instant-Grid-Resources from Ganglia
  • Clients are able to boot from CD
  • One-click-setup and automatic test of Gridsphere
  • CURE of the FU Hagen (Login with "user1" and password "cure")
  • New version Gridsphere 2.2.5
  • New version Grid Portlets 1.3.2
  • Enhanced documentation

Bug fixes

  • Grid Portlets now working with other language than english.
  • More than two Grid-Users can be generated.
  • Many minor bugs (see Changelog).

Known bugs

  • With high load on the frontend it is possible, that the NFS-server crashes from time to time. The clients then are not able to finish their boot-process. In this case the whole start procedure must be repeated (frontend and all clients). Short messages on the client, that the NFS-server is not responding are not related to this problem and can be ignored.
  • Man-pages are not available
  • some wrong links, extra debug, etc.