old Flash Demos

Submitted by jengelh on Wed, 02/08/2006 - 08:00.
The flash demos presented here should illustrate some of the possibilities that Instant-Grid currently offers. You can also use them to get to know more about the usage of Instant-Grid.
  1. Ganglia
    Ganglia Screenshot The different options of the CDROM are available in the bookmark toolbar of the automatically-opened browser window. Ganglia offers an overview over the grid.
  2. POV-Ray
    POV-Ray Screenshot In this demo, you see the rendering of a single frame in Instant-Grid.
  3. Ganglia: Load by use of POV-Ray
    Ganglia Screenshot Monitoring the grid load during rendering.
  4. Gridsphere
    Filebrowser Screenshot This demo demonstrates the login procedure in Gridsphere (note changing language!), requesting credentials to work with Instant-Grid resources and copying files between two arbitrary machines.
  5. Gridsphere: Resources
    Gridsphere Screenshot The resources available in the grid can also be monitored in Gridsphere.
  6. Port report
    Report Screenshot The port report gives a summary about the opened ports on the machines within the grid, from which available services can be deduced. By default, not all server daemons are started. If you see the same ports open as depicted in the movie, everything is ok.
  7. Command-line
    Console Screenshot Instant-Grid can also be controlled using the command-line tools from the Globus Toolkit, if you already know them.