Instant-Grid: A CD-based test-grid

What is it?
Instant-Grid is a Knoppix-based live-CD bundled with a pre-configured grid-environment based on the Globus-Toolkit. One PC started from this CD becomes the Instant-Grid frontend. It also functions as a PXE boot-server, allowing further PC in the same local network to boot the Instant-Grid-environment via network-interface-card. Together with the frontend these PC automatically form a working test-grid. Like with the original Knoppix, the existing configuration of the participating PC is not touched (except maybe for enabling the PXE boot-option), and remains instantly available by a simple reboot.

How can it be used?
With Instant-Grid you can try out grid-technologies, and develop and test your own grid-applications. The preconfigured Globus-Toolkit allows for remote execution and monitoring of arbitrary tasks on all participating PC, as well as for the parallel use of these PC with suitable (i.e. MPI-parallelized) software. Further realized and planned features are:

  • Management of the grid-functionalities via a user-friendly web-portal
  • Monitoring of the participating PC with Ganglia
  • Showcase grid-applications from different areas, like graphics, simulation, and collaboration
  • Extended documentation of the grid-functionalities

What are the goals?
The project aims at a flexible and beginner-friendly demonstration-, test-, and development-environment for grid-technologies. It is planned to utilize the same technology and software as in the D-Grid initiative, to provide maximum compatibility to this emerging German grid-infrastructure.