No clients on network?

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Hello, Hope everyone can understand my english.

I have instant grid up and running but under the resources tab only my main install (server) is showing up. I was able to boot another machine and get to the knoppix prompt (knoppix#) however it doesn't show up on the grid, I have a total of 4 machines on the network and none are recognized as resources.

I booted my main server machine from the cd....let it fully come up then turned on the client, it sucessfully boots.

The network consists of 5 machines connected to a switch. Otherwise its completely isolated.

Re: No clients on network?

which resources tab did you take?
Could you check please with your web browser (on the server machine) the following pages:

    (Firefox/Iceweasel menu on the top):

  • IG Tests -> IG Port-Report (this tries to connect to all clients known by the server)
  • IG Monitors -> IG Ganglia (this shows your known clients if the multicast traffic between the machines is not blocked by your router)

Happy Gridding, Tibor

No Clients on Network


By resources tab I was referring to IG-Portal -> IG Gridsphere -> Grid Resources

Under that tab only one node shows up (server).

As far as IG Tests -> IG Port-Report no clients show up in this list.

The IG Monitors -> IG Ganglia shows no network traffic between the machines. Just to clarify there is no router, just a switch.

One thing that I am unsure of is if there are any steps that I am missing. I was under the impression that the process is to boot up the server/Instant-Grid, then the clients, and then the resources appear in Instant-Grid. Are there any other steps to get the clients to appear, any other configuration?

Also, I've put a graphics card into one of the clients (as these are mostly "blind" clients). Watching the boot, the PXE loads and it ends in a knoppix terminal (which no typing can be done in). Watching the client, is there any way to check for a successful boot on that end?

Thanks for the help.


I've tracked the problem down to being the client boot up. I burned a second instant-grid disc and loaded up the OS that way (with the cl directive at boot). With this the system loaded fine and server found the additional resources and node. So it would seem that PXE is not working properly for the boot. PXE does start booting up the client image, but it seems that it fails. Any ideas for what might be the problem or how this could be fixed would be helpful.

Re: No Clients on Network


your impression is right: usually with the Instant-Grid CD you boot up the server which detects your network and prepares your local IG configuration. Then on the local LAN you can boot your PXE-enabled clients. After the clients finish the boot process (with a graphic card, X should be started by default) they are "visible" by the methods described above.

In your case it seems to be a PXE boot failure.
* Could you describe your network shortly? [how many network interfaces does your server have, which is the external one (eth0?), which one is for your IG clients (eth1?)]
* Could you post here the content of the file '/usr/local/lib/NOP_TS-4.02/info'? (It should be the same on the server and on the clients).

Happy Gridding, Tibor